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We can provide regular service and one-time clean-out (purge) service. Our professional, uniformed drivers/customer service reps will come out to your designated site and destroy all documents on-site. You will be able to watch the destruction if you wish to do so. A certificate of destruction will be handed to you at the end of your shred. UltraShred can destroy all your documents including paper clips, rubberbands, staples, metal binders. Items that should not be mixed with the paper are (x-rays, microfiche/film, 3-ring binders, photos, plastics etc.) UltraShred can destroy items listed; however, a special pick up has to be scheduled to accommodate destruction of items other than paper.

Corporate and Small Business Accounts

For our corporate and small business accounts UltraShred recommends regular scheduled pick ups (i.e. weekly, monthly etc.) UltraShred will come out at your discretion to discuss your document destruction needs. We will review and assess your needs and requirements. We will place containers at your site for your regular service. UltraShred will invoice or require payment at time of service based upon account set up. If a one-time clean-out (purge) of dated materials is required UltraShred can provide purge service to our regular customers as well as customers that only require a yearly or as needed purge service.

Residential Customers

For our residential customers UltraShred recommends the one-time clean-out (purge) service. We will schedule a pick up at your residence. All of your documents will be destroyed on-site. UltraShred requires payment at the time of service.

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