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Called to get pricing for our small business to properly shred old employee data and customer payment data. Easy to talk to and great price to bring by several boxes to get shredded. I arrived and started unloading, met the owner in the process, she was very pleasant and thanked me. Highly recommended!!!
Rick Powell
I just used UltraShred to shred a good many documents as well as three hard drives. They came to my site. Plus, they hauled away some other devices for destruction. The service technician, Lavon, was very courteous, helpful and professional. I highly recommend UltraShred.
michael fisher
Great service today from the team at UltraShread Technologies. Made an appointment ahead of time, drove over to their facility and they unloaded my boxes for me and place them in a secure shredder box. In and out in 5 minutes and they offered competitive prices. Highly recommend this service for bulk shredding.
Jim Snyder
Margaret and her team were so fantastic with helping me dispose of a few thousand tough plastic cases (not an easy task!) Margaret herself came up with the idea to strip down the cases and get them into the hands of some amazing groups in the Jacksonville area. Now instead of them ending up in a landfill they’re going to groups as emergency kits for the local community. I can’t thank them enough for not only helping me dispose of the cases but having them turn into a positive for the community as a whole!
Ahlora Hartmann
I had the pleasure of meeting Lavon for the second time for our office’s annual shredding. He is fast, organized and very pleasant considering we have a large two-story building with an extremely slow elevator. I would definitely recommend having him come out from UltraShred if you are in need of any assistance wanting to shred files.
Klaudia Corri

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