One-Time Shredding Service for Northern Florida & Southern Georgia

Large file purges at your storage unit.
Do you have a file room or closet packed with expired files? Is your business relocating to another location? Would you like to increase your billable office space? Since all of these scenarios involve potential data breach risks, it’s critical that you dispose of your outdated or archival business records in a reliable and secure fashion.

UltraShred Technologies provides onsite, secure paper shredding and destruction services from its headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida to clients in Northern Florida, the Panhandle, and Southern and Central Georgia.

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File Purges or One-Time Shredding Projects

  • A “ purge” is a one-time cleanout and shredding of large quantity of files, often from a storage unit
  • A purge can be anywhere from one to thousands of boxes, depending on the size of your business
  • Fully HIPAA Compliant with a Certificate of Destruction on every job
  • UltraShred Technologies specializes in purge shredding projects, including large cleanout shredding projects
  • We have the capacity to shred up to 1,000 boxes a day at your location
  • We shred on-site and on-camera
  • Purges can also include boxes of CDs, hard drives, tapes, or an e-cycling pickup of old computers!

More about Records Purges

Regularly-scheduled purge shredding should be a part of your records retention plan.

Many businesses conduct an annual or semi-annual records cleanout. Sometimes the storage unit may be full, or sometimes a business is moving. We specialize in removing and properly protecting the information in all those old boxes, filing cabinets, and computers!

Our purge service can be either on-site or off-site, for paper-based files, CDs, floppies, backup tapes, old computers, rolled blueprints, and anything else you may have. Nobody makes it easier to securely clear out old records and files in a fully compliant manner. We provide Certificates of Destruction for all of our work.

For us, shredding is not just some “sideline” or “value-added service.” Your data security and compliance is our ONLY business!


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