Large file purges at your storage unit.

One-Time Shredding Service for Northern Florida & Southern Georgia

File Purges

  • A “Purge” is a one-time cleanout and shredding of a set of records, often from a storage unit.
  • A Purge can be anywhere from one to thousands of boxes, depending on the size of your business
  • Fully HIPAA Compliant with a Certificate of Destruction on every job
  • UltraShred Technologies specializes in Purge work.
  • We have the capacity to shred up to 1,000 boxes a day at your location
  • Shredding is completed On-Site and On-Camera
  • Purges can also include boxes of CDs, Hard Drives, Tapes or an e-cycling pickup of old computers!
Margaret's Minutes...

Here’s More About Records Purges:

Regularly scheduled purges should be a part of your records retention plan.

Many businesses conduct an annual or semi-annual records clean-out. Sometimes the storage unit may be full, or sometimes a business is moving. We specialize in removing and properly protecting the information in all those old boxes, filing cabinets, and computers!

Our purge service can be either on-site or off-site, for paper-based files, CDs, floppies, backup tapes, old computers, rolled blueprints, and anything else you may have. Nobody makes it easier to securely clear out old records and files in a fully compliant manner. We provide Certificates of Destruction for all of our work.

For us, Shredding is not just some “sideline” or “value-added service”. Your Data Security and Compliance is our ONLY business!

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