Large Cleanout Shredding Services

1 to a 1,000 boxes shredded onsite in 1 day

We have the trucks, people, and experience to tackle large on-site shredding projects of up to 1,000 boxes shredded all in one day.  We know of no other local shredding company who can make this claim and back it up with references from satisfied customers.

Because we’ve been doing this as long as we have, UltraShred has a large fleet of mobile shredding trucks that we can assign to your project.  Even big jobs can be done in one day, unlike smaller “one-truck” companies. We do a lot of work emptying out Storage Units, and it is normal for us to remove and shred 200 – 400 boxes from storage.

Please call us at (877) 621-1234 for more information.