Residential shredding service

Personal & Residential Shredding Services

We Make House Calls in Northern Florida and Southern Georgia!

Protect yourself from Identity Theft by using the same shredding service as major Corporations and Government agencies. Our truck comes to your house and our crew carries out the boxes and bags for you and shred it while you watch! Major credit cards accepted.

Ask about combining an e-cycling pickup with your Residential Shredding!  We can pick up and take away old computers at the same time we shred your paper.

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Here’s More About Residential Shredding:

These days Identity Theft is a very real problem. You can start protecting yourself by making sure your old papers are properly shredded.shredded. For small amounts of personal papers, check our Events page to see if there will be a Community Shred Day near you soon.

You should also consider our Drop-Off Service, which is often the least expensive option for small amounts.

For us, Shredding is not just some “sideline” or “value-added service”. Your Data Security and Compliance is our ONLY business!

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