Hard Drive and Media Destruction

Computer Hard Drive Shredding and E-Cycling for Northern Florida and Southern Georgia

1000’s of Hard Drives Shredded Securely at your location

Why Hard Drive/Media Destruction is Important
Wiping and/or degaussing” computer hard drives is not good enough in this day and age – residual information can still be found on drives even after undergoing such treatment. Shredding of the computer hard drive is the only guaranteed method of assuring complete destruction of the critical information contained on these drives. Your confidential data could still fall into the wrong hands. This may result in a data breach that could have serious consequences for your business or personal life. Our convenient mobile service comes to your Florida and Georgia locations. Alternatively, you can access our hard drive shredding, destruction and disposal services by dropping off your hard drives anytime at our location at 11200 St. Johns Industrial Parkway N #4 in Jacksonville, Florida.

Hard Drive/Media Destruction (rotational, solid state, and hybrid) and backup tapes safely destroyed

UltraShred Technologies destroys all types of hard drives that are used in your personal or business electronics. Because our shredding process leaves your hard drives mangled and deformed, it prevents even the most skilled hackers from being able to access the information contained within them.

Certificate of Destruction Includes the Serial # of Every Drive Shredded

Your peace of mind is our goal. This is why UltraShred Technologies provides you with a Certificate of Destruction which includes the serial number of each hard drive we shred. This step ensures that your business has complied fully with privacy laws governing the handling of confidential information such as HIPAA. UltraShred is a NAID AAA Certified vendor, so the process of Certification of Hard Drives includes a manifest and verified accounting for all materials destroyed.

Fully HIPAA Compliant Hard Drive/Media Destruction

At UltraShred Technologies, we pride ourselves on being fully compliant with all applicable privacy laws including HIPAA. All information and data contained on your hard drives is ethically and safely destroyed. Each hard drive we shred comes with a Certificate of Destruction that indicates the drive’s serial number.

Responsible Electronics Recycling to R2 and ISO 14001 Standards

UltraShred Technologies is committed to upholding the standards of responsible electronics recycling including those established by R2 and ISO 14001 protocols. By following these standards, UltraShred Technologies ensures that resources are used more efficiently and that waste is reduced. It’s an ethical way for us to be good stewards of the environment that we must all share.