Important Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus UpdateDear Valued UltraShred Customer:

We at UltraShred Technologies always strive to provide you with the highest level of customer service and information security compliance.

As you are most likely aware, the COVID-19 Virus or Coronavirus has impacted millions throughout the United States including individuals, institutions, businesses, offices and healthcare facilities. We take these developments very seriously and have taken steps to insure best practices when it comes to protecting our customers and employees.

We have implemented procedures as advised by the CDC to maintain clean, healthy and sanitary practices to mitigate spreading of illness. Our goal is to remain transparent with our clients and staff so as to maintain the safest operational environment possible.

Please alert us in advance to any potential changes in the status of your facility and/or access procedures. We appreciate your alerting us to these by contacting us in writing or by phone at (904) 928-0200 or EMAIL US with ANY and ALL procedural changes that may affect our service to your building. Not only will this help avoid confusion and save time, it will allow us to deliver the safe, secure services you need the most.

Thank you for your help and careful attention to this important situation. Should an emergency arise outside of standard business hours that we need to know about, please contact Margaret Meier at (904) 626-3103 or EMAIL US Your requests and alerts will be responded to in a timely manner.

We appreciate your business and wish you and your employees all the best as we weather the storm together. We look forward to our continued successful partnership.

  Best Regards,


March 12, 2020

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