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Shredding for a Cause – Rescuing Those in Need!

The City Rescue Mission and UltraShred Technologies are working together to improve life for those struggling most in our community. In honor of #GivingTuesday, UltraShred Technologies is pleased to donate $20.20 to the City Rescue Mission in Jacksonville, FL towards food, clothing, and program services for those most in need in the community for every…
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Global Giving Movement

Shredding is NOT just for paper

Shredding is NOT just for paper! 100,000 pages of emails can fit on a single Gigabyte… so it’s easy to see how just one hard drive can hold millions of sheets of paper. That’s why Ultrashred Technologies has invested in state-of-the-art mobile hard drive shredding technology. Now we can easily shred computer hard drives right…
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Old Computers

5 Simple Cybersecurity Steps to Protect Yourself

October is Cybersecurity Month… For many of us, this sounds complicated and out of our control. Here are 5 simple steps all of us can take to protect our personal and business information: 1: Keep a Clean Machine When you get that automatic update from Microsoft, load it! The major software manufacturers constantly put out…
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Cyber Security

Top 10 Reasons to Shred and Recycle with UltraShred

Safe– High Security, On-Camera Destruction. All shredding is witnessed On-Site, so no worrying about “take away” or “Drop” shredding.  AAA NAID Certified Company – State Certified  Cost Effective– UST offers competitive pricing helping you cut spending from current contracts. Discounts and Rewards are provided for repeat business. Local Contractor! Convenient– There is no need to lug heavy boxes to…
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Top 10

What records do we have to keep and for how long?

What do we have to keep and for how long? We are often asked about how long records should be kept, but there is not a quick and easy answer to this question.  There are three distinct steps in setting up a Records Destruction Policy: Making strategic decisions about what needs to be kept Formalizing…
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File storage

The Value of NAID AAA Certification

We talk a lot about the value of NAID AAA Certification.  Here is a video from NAID itself explaining the value of the program... and the rigorous audit process we go through every year!
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NAID AAA Certification

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