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Tallahassee, Florida, USA downtown skyline.If you are a business or resident in Tallahassee, FL, and need confidential documents shredded, you’ve come to the right place. We can provide a telephone quote and set up your paper shredding service date with just one call.

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How the Shredding Process Works

  1. Document Identification: Prepare the documents you want shredded and have them readily accessible at ground level.
  2. Arrival: When our powerful paper destruction truck arrives, our staff will empty your boxes, garbage bags, or any containers with your documents into our locked bins.
  3. Secure Transportation: The bins are then securely transported to our truck without any intermediaries.
  4. Shredding: The truck’s destruction system lifts the bin and empties the contents into the shredder, ensuring complete destruction of your papers.
  5. Witness the Process: A viewing monitor on the side of the truck allows you to witness the shredding of your documents.

Our Document Destruction Options

One-Time Shredding for Business Records

Our one-time shredding service caters to businesses and organizations across all industries, offering professional destruction of files and documents whenever the need arises. Whether you have a few boxes or thousands of records, we are here to help. Contact us anytime for your shredding needs.

Scheduled Shredding Programs

If you and your staff dispose of documents in waste baskets within your office, our ongoing scheduled shredding service is essential. We provide secure bins and consoles for your office, ensuring that documents go into these containers instead of waste baskets. Our team then comes to your Tallahassee, FL business location, removes the deposited documents from the secure containers, and shreds them. This service helps you protect your information and maintain compliance with privacy laws. We collaborate with you to establish an appropriate schedule for your office.

Shred Days, E-Cycling and Residential Services

We offer more! Ask us about hosting a Shred Day Event for your community or as a perk to clients providing them with a 2–4-hour Shred Event on either a weekday or Saturday. These events are generally well-attended and add value to your business, agency and/or homeowner’s association.

Our E-Cycling Services will help you securely collect, shred, and recycle outdated electronic devices. Through our certified downstream partners, we are able to collect and process these devices – removing and shredding sensitive information and refurbishing, when possible, to avoid filling the landfills. Finally, protect yourself from identity theft by using the same shredding service at home that major corporations and government agencies rely on. For your Residential Shredding needs, our powerful paper shredding truck will come to your home or subdivision where our crew will empty your boxes and bags into our bins. You can witness the shredding process just steps away from your front door.

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Hard Drive Destruction

Old hard drives contain a wealth of information that can be exploited by identity thieves if they fall into the wrong hands. UltraShred offers hard drive destruction services to prevent such breaches. We shred hard drives into tiny pieces, ensuring that the data is permanently destroyed. Additionally, we provide you with a Certificate of Destruction that lists each hard drive by its serial number.

Why UltraShred is Your Best Choice in Tallahassee for Shredding

For over two decades, UltraShred Technologies has been a leading provider of residential and commercial shredding services in Tallahassee, FL. Our customers choose us for the following reasons:

  • Competitive Pricing: We offer competitive prices for our services.
  • Convenient On-Site Shredding: We provide on-site shredding options for your convenience.
  • Friendly Customer Service: Our team is known for its friendly and helpful customer service.
  • NAID AAA Certified: We exceed the highest standards for security and professionalism in the information destruction industry, as evidenced by our NAID AAA Certification.

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