UltraShred is There for You When Your Business Reopens

UltraShred is open for businessFor the past few weeks, the shadow of COVID-19 has taken over our world. As we slowly move forward we must continue to be careful and intentional with all our decisions. The “new normal” that is often spoken of means that we will be doing things differently and must be open to new ways of doing things. Fear shouldn’t control us, but caution and patience are essential if we hope to keep ourselves and those around us safe and healthy.

UltraShred Technologies will continue to be with you as you discover what the new normal looks like for your business. We have remained open as we provide a needed service to many essential businesses. Rest assured that we have done everything possible to keep ourselves and our customers safe by following CDC guidelines and enacting new protocols to stop the spread of COVID-19.

As businesses around the country start reopening, we know that adjustments will need to be made. UltraShred Technologies will go the extra mile to adapt to the needs of our clients and the world around us. When the day comes that you reopen, rest assured that UltrasShred will be there to meet your record destruction and management needs.

As you begin reopening your business, we encourage you to give us a call at (877) 621-1234. We will help you in every way possible. We’ve also put together a couple of options for document management and destruction that may help you get up and running while staying safe from COVID-19.
Our “No-Touch Program” is available at your request and involves a few extra steps that can reduce exposure for yourself and your team.

We now offer a Work at Home shred program that allows you to offer document shredding for at-home workers via onsite shred appointments or with a disposable shred bag collection.

When further news unfolds, we will continue to monitor our business practices and modify our processes as needed. We will always remain in contact with our customers to ensure you’re kept up-to-date with any changes. As always, thanks for your cooperation and patronage. We look forward to working through this situation with you.


  Best Regards,


April 28, 2020

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