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Your Document Retention Policy and When to Shred

The renowned songwriter Pete Seeger immortalized the words, “To everything there is a season,” in his iconic song, “Turn, Turn, Turn,” popularized by The Byrds in 1965. While the song doesn’t delve into it, even your sensitive documents have their season—the period from inception to disposal, commonly known as “retention periods.” Developing a Retention Policy…
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Bad Habits vs Winning Habits – Are You Putting Your Private Information at Risk?

In his 2021 hit, “Bad Habits,” Ed Sheeran laid out the consequences of unhealthy relationship habits. While not as catchy, a sequel addressing the bad habits jeopardizing business documents could be just as enlightening. Let’s explore these habits and how to break them to effectively safeguard sensitive information. Leaving Sensitive Documents Unattended Leaving documents strewn…
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Save Your Sanity, Shred for Your Life

Are you familiar with that jaw-dropping moment when you move to a new place and realize you’ve amassed an overwhelming amount of “stuff” over the years? Well, the same thing can happen in your business if you don’t have a solid plan for managing your paper records. Without intentional efforts to reduce the influx, one…
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Avoid These Three Common Information Disposal Mistakes

In the 1987 movie “Wall Street,” the character Gordon Gekko famously stated, “The most valuable commodity I know of is information.” While the movie may be fictional, this statement resonates with truth. Information holds immense value, not only for organizations, but also for identity thieves who relentlessly try to steal it. Given its significance as…
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What to Know about Digital Device Disposal

Selling Damaged Hard Drives In 2023, a team at SolutionsReview.com spent $100 to acquire 14 hard drives from individuals that said the drives were dead or only good for parts. Here’s what their technicians discovered: Only one drive was completely cleared of all data. The team recovered all the stored data from seven out of…
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Common Shredding Myths Debunked

Did You Know? If swallowed, chewing gum stays in your stomach for up to seven years Sitting too close to the TV ruins your vision Cracking your knuckles causes arthritis You’ll catch a cold if you go outside on a cold day with wet hair The previous four statements are myths What You Should Know…
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